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Best 5 Women Entrepreneur to inspire you

Best 5 Women Entrepreneur to inspire you

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw 

Women Entrepreneur Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

Born in Bangalore, she did her Bachelors in Zoology from Mount Carmel and PG from Ballarat College, Melbourne in Malting and Brewing. She is the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of Biocon Limited. Under her leadership, the company has evolved as a leading player in biomedicine research with a focus on diabetes and oncology. She is also a member of the board of governors of the prestigious Indian School of Business and IIT, Hyderabad. She was awarded Padma Shri (1989) and Padma Bhushan (2005) by the Indian government.

Shahnaz Husain 

Women Entrepreneur Shahnaz Hussain

She is known as the “Queen of Herbal Beauty Care”. She was married off at the age of 16. But her interest in beauty and cosmetic made her discover Shahnaz Herbals Inc. The company is best known for its herbal cosmetics particularly skin care products ‘without animal testing’. The company has over 400 Franchise clinics across the world covering 138 countries. She has been bestowed with the ‘Padma Shri’ award by the Government of India in 2006 and ‘World’s Greatest Woman Entrepreneur’ award by 1996 Success Magazine.

Ravina Raj Kohli 

Women Entrepreneur Ravina Raj Kohli

She was the Head of Content and Communication at Sony Entertainment Television and the CEO at the Kerry Packer owned Channel 9 on the Doordarshan platform. Later, she worked with Star news as the CEO. She has a Diploma from the London School of Journalism and Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Economics and Literature from Bangalore University. Her company JobCorp Company Pvt. Ltd. works toward empowerment of women. Her name has featured among the top 20 female professionals in India. She is also Indian television’s first woman CEO.

Marie Forleo







Marie has been setting the bar for the rest of us lately.Her new website design is fabulous and impressively unique, she produces fantastic and useful videos every week, and she rubs elbows with big names like Richard Branson and Russell Simmons. Did I mention she also runs a 7-figure business based around her blog?


Danielle LaPorte









Whenever I listen to Danielle talk, I get an overwhelming sense of calm and “it’ll be all right.”Her blog White Hot Truth has been a continuous favorite of mine since I first discovered it back in 2009. Danielle is a one-of-a-kind with both her business insights and ability to inspire.


Tara Gentile









I met Tara last year at the World Domination Summit in Portland (she’ll be leading a session there this year) and was taken with her sense of confidence and strong, direct communication style. She struck me as someone who would be doing big things in the near future and her overall presence online has grown impressively since.


Kristi Hines








Kristi Hines has her finger on the pulse of social media and all kinds of online marketing.Chances are you’ve seen Kristi or heard a mention of her blog Kikolani somewhere recently, even if you didn’t realize it. Kristi writes regularly for a number of big blogs including KISSMetrics and Social Media Examiner.

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